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Wednesday Night

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Weíre all going out itís a Wednesday night

You wear your jeans loose, Iím wearing my tight

I read on the wall you are not like any another


I see you with your friends standing next to the bar

and I ask you to join me out on the dance floor

you have a beer in your hand and you lead me with the other


Darling, you donít have to say a word

you canít tell me anything I havenít already heard

Iím not looking at becoming your wife and I donít want to meet your parents

I like you cause youíre quiet and I love you cause youíre not that innocent


Now the groove starts to get real slow

and you tell me that itís time to go

youíre going to take me to places that Iíve never been


I can tell you one thing Iím a world traveler

and there isnít a place on this great earth

That my pretty blues eyes havenít seen


Motus Music © 2004