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The Soul Retreats


You are allowed to wear epidermal armor,

skin so thickened that your spirit can barely escape through the whites of your eyes.

I am here to tell you, as a witness of suffering,

despite the violation your essence was not reached.

You are not mangled. You are not used goods.

You are not a commodity of twisted pleasure but an intrinsic being full of love.


Take the time you need;

allow the grace of kindness and compassion in this world

to slowly erode your protective layers.

Drift among currents of the sacred river;

it will have an end and disperse into something much larger than yourself.


And through this sanctified passage, filled with fear and aloneness,

be aware they did not touch you.

The flesh rejuvenates in our youth and corrodes through the course of many years.

It is dispensable and therefore not a permanent fixture of our spirit.


Remember in that very specific time of your existence; the soul retreats.


It is safe.


You were not harmed.


 Hk Christie 2009