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To Hear from There: Songs for SKIP (2009)

based on the book SKIP by David Newsom

Copyright 2005 Perceval Press

Produced by Kevin Bowe


1. Pieces   $1.00
2. Unpacked   $1.00
3. The Great Escape   $1.00


All songs are in .mp3 format and will be sent via email within 72 hours of purchase.


For questions or concerns please feel free to contact:




Poets and Prophets (2004)

Produced by Kevin Bowe and Dik Shopteau

1. Unclear   $10.00
2. Secret Fire    
3. Wednesday Night    
4. I am A Sinner    
5. When I Look at You    
6. Etty     
7. More Than I Should 


8. Cruel    
9. Needles Highway    
10. Shiver    
11. I Was in the House...    
12. Poets and Prophets    



Image of the SKIP book cover used by permission of David Newsom Photography and Perceval Press

Copyright 2005 Perceval Press