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Its 3:00 am and youíre coming home to a cold and empty bed

and in the shadows you can see her silhouette standing there

If you lay still enough you can smell her hair on the pillowcase

and you pick up the phone just to hear her voice sayÖ

"You hide your tears by walking in the rain"


I know you feel like youíll never love again

and this world can be hard and this world can be cruel

Yes, itís true I donít know what youíre going through

maybe someday youíll tell me what she did to you


You stand so proud people often take you as arrogant

but I know deep down in your heart youíre still a mess

and this town ainít big enough to hold all your memories

and when Iím in a crowd I know you wish that it was her instead of me

You hide your tears by walking in the rain


Motus Music © 2004