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Hk Christie is a scholar activist who explores the culture of citizenship and examines how individuals use their political voice to raise the consciousness of a given society. Christie holds degrees in theology and philosophy from the College of St. Catherine and a Master of Arts degree in Public Policy and Leadership from the University of St. Thomas. She continues her studies within a doctoral program at the University of Minnesota. Her research has been featured in the Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies and the public service announcement Disparity Gap.


Hk Christie is a graduate of the Perpich Center for Arts Education and has been writing songs based on the passages of human spirit for over twenty years. Her compositions are straightforward, stripped down, soulful journeys which take you through Americana's lost highways and uncharted gravel roads. In 2004 fellow tunesmith Kevin Bowe produced her debut album Poets and Prophets.


Christie is a strong advocate for interdisciplinary methods engaged with creative expression and in 2008 the To Hear from There project was initiated. This endeavor recognizes the sacredness of storytelling and features a single story articulated through multiple mediums. Songs for SKIP, based on the book by fine art photographer David Newsom, was the first in this series. Currently, a sequel is in pre-production featuring the work of storytellers from Minnesota.

Hk Christie resides in Minneapolis.