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Hend Al-Mansour Mortimer Adler The Current (Twin Cities) 89.3 FM Better World Books Amnesty International Agri Cafe
Kevin Bowe Michael Apple Freight Train Boogie (Santa Rosa, CA) CCNow Axis of Justice Common Roots Cafe

Douglas Beasley

Ella Baker KBCS (Seattle, WA) Electric Fetus City Pages (Twin Cities) Flackers
Greg Brown Cesar Chavez KFJC (San Francisco, CA) Graywolf Press

Democracy Now!

Galactic Pizza
Steven Cohen Noam Chomsky KNBA (Anchorage, AK) Artic Cactus Hour The Loft Free Press Guayakí
Woody Guthrie Dorothy Day KRCL (Salt Lake City, UT) Martin Guitars Free Tibet Campaign Honest Tea (Sublime Mate)
Adam Levy Paulo Freire Last FM The Organic Center  MPR Izzy's (Gianduja Tartufo)
Tom Morello Henry Giroux Minnesota Music (Twin Cities) Cities 97 Prairie Home Companion NPR Odwalla (Trail Mix)
David Newsom Emma Goldman Music Millennium (Portland, OR) Perceval Press Public Citizen Sonny's: Mpls (Crema)

Jude Nutter

Jonathan Kozol Nothing Happening (Australia) Red House Records The Nation Stash Tea (Lemon Ginger)
Mark Olson Thomas Merton Twangcast Roots Music Exporters The Onion Tea Source
Henry Rollins Rosemary Ruether WRFG (Atlanta, GA) Sing Out! The Progressive Unpeeled
Paul Westerberg Paul Wellstone Willie's American Guitars Victor's  (Mango Pancakes)
Warren Zevon  Howard Zinn WellstoneAction! Vosges Chocolate









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Carbon Footprint Journal of Critical Education Policy Studies American Educational Studies Association (AESA)
FiveThirtyEight Public Resistance Center for Democracy and Citizenship: University of Minnesota
Go Vote! Rethinking Schools Center for the Study of Political Psychology: University of Minnesota
Media Transparency Danish American Center
Speak Out Jane Adams School for Democracy
The Foundation Center Justice and Peace Studies Program: University of St. Thomas
Unnatural Causes The Educator Roundtable: "The Disparity Gap" PSA